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Pres. Barack Obama talked with developers of Comet when he visited the Philippines.
Zero-emission Comet hopes to replace the gas-guzzling jeepneys in the Philippines.

Free, Magnetic Energy, Electricity & Hydrogen Fuel: Boycott the OPEC Oil
(How to Stop the Wars in the Middle East and Battle of Armageddon)

       Millions and millions of the daily commuters, motorists and owners of the various types of motorized vehicles around the world were and are suffering from the fluctuating cost of the gasoline, diesel and other fossil-based fuels! The fossil-based fuels are causing the deadly and sickly effects on the lives of the 7 billion population on Earth and the environment. They reminded some of us of the millions of the Americans and other nationalities globally who demonstrated against the United States' war or unfinished business about 9 years ago which the latter waged against the former Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein. Some of the demonstrators carried then the banners and posters, which read: "NO BLOOD FOR OIL" and "OIL IS THE REASON"!

       Well, to the millions of the activists and protesters against the high and fluctuating prices of the fossil-based fuels, the wars in the Middle East and in some other countries, and the Filipinos' continuing campaigns against the anti-government rebels and "terrorist" groups, when you drive your motorized vehicles which consume gasoline or diesel, a by-product of the mostly imported oil from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), you pollute the air and environment! You protested against the high prices, the wars and other causes/issues, yet you are slowly killing other people's lives, and the rest of the Animal Kingdom by your own-generated pollutions and smog! You are forcing them and your own relatives and friends, like the victims of second-hand smoking, to inhale the polluted air and smog.


Aisa and Raphael Mijeno, and Oscar Bryan Magtibay, an electrical engineer,
received the check for winning the IdeaSpace Philippines start-up competition.

       In the Philippines, the sister-brother team Aisa and Raphael Mijeno invented the lamp which requires no kerosene or fuel. It is composed of a few strips of metal and salt water which can brighten any room or dark places for 8 hours. The lamp is so vital for thousands of the underprivileged families in the Philippines, more so in the rural barangays and towns where the residents do not have electricity for 24 hours each day. The lamp invention, of which the idea can be applied in other technologies, is "so simple, yet kind of genius. With just a few strips of metal, table salt and tap water, or seawater, their brilliant invention can bring light to millions of homes that donít have electricity, and canít afford gas." The lamp does not pollute!

       An estimated 4 million people die each year because of air pollution. This figure represents about 5% of the total 55 million deaths that occur annually in the world. It is possible, because of uncertainty in the estimates, that the actual death toll is anywhere between 1.4 and 6 million annually...  Air pollution also damages plant and animal life and contaminates water sources, threatening economic and social welfare as well as health...

       "Cars are the big sources of air pollution - responsible for between 40-90% of the various pollutants in our air...  Fossil fuel combustion, particularly as it occurs in motor vehicles, has been identified as the largest contributor to air pollution in the world...," according to the book, Pollution, Volume 157, Issues in Society, edited by Justin Healey.


Hydrogen-powered Bus

Fossil oil causes pollution, climate changes & deaths

       Pollution causes cancer deaths! For instance, "The World Health Organization reports that 3 million people now die each year from the effects of air pollution. This is three times the 1 million who die each year in automobile accidents. A study published in The Lancet in 2000 concluded that air pollution in France, Austria, and Switzerland is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths annually in those three countries. About half of these deaths can be traced to air pollution from vehicle emissions." About 650 people in Europe died some months ago due to the severe cold which could have been caused also by the climate changes.

       The National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report revealed that the U.S. energy bills were $120 billion higher because of the hidden costs associated with the combustion of fossil fuels which caused the air pollutions. The NAS report estimated that over 90% of the hidden costs are caused by premature death - at least 18,000 Americans die each year due to their fossil fuel addictions.

       In the Philippines, the World Health Organization cited the environment-related health risk as a very significant problem, with air pollution, water pollution, poor sanitation and unhygienic practices, mismanagement of solid wastes, among others, which contributed to an estimated 22% of the reported cases of disease, and nearly 6% of reported deaths. The environmental pollutions and their effects on the people's health resulted in Php 14.3 billion (US$ 287 million) per year in lost income and medical expenses, according to the World Health Organization's 2010 report. According to the Philippines Daily Inquirer's report in January 2003, "the World Bank warned that air pollution would cost the Philippines almost 1.5 billion dollars per year in medical treatment, lost wages and low productivity. A study by the World Bank showed fine particle emissions caused an estimated 2,000 premature deaths and 9,000 cases of chronic bronchitis each year in the nation's four largest cities." Jeepney drivers in the big cities were the leading victims of air pollution in the country. That was in 2003 and today, the statistics is worst.

       "Soot makes global warming worse." Soot - particulate matters (PM) - is mainly the black carbon, the one that you can see above Metro Manila and Los Angeles, for example. Soot is the dusty by-product of incomplete combustion of the fossil fuels and other matters. "Its concentrations vary in time and place, but they are often high over China and India, where coal and organic fuels are used domestically, and over Europe and North America, where the main source is diesel oil." Scientists "believe soot is twice as potent as carbon dioxide, a main greenhouse gas, in raising surface air temperature."

       Sir David King, chief science adviser during the administration of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, said: "Climate change is a greater threat to the world than terrorism. Delaying action for a decade, or even just years, is not a serious option."  Climate change is the cause of the melting of the glaciers as well as the ice in the North Pole and South Pole. Are you prepared for the threat of the possible flooding (X 20 or more) in the low land towns and cities around the world?

       Again, when you drive your motorcycles, cars, jeeps, SUVs, trucks or ride the jeepneys, multi-cabs, buses which are powered with gasoline, diesel, bunker fuels ..., you contribute to the pollution and smog in our endangered Earth. To the Buddhists, Hindus, Jewish, Christians, Muslims, other religious people particularly the rabbis, cardinals, bishops, priests, TV evangelists, pastors, elders, missionaries, bible study leaders and the environmentalists who are merely talking or writing about the pollution and smog, stop talking or writing! Practice what you preach!

       If you do not want to be called the polluters and hypocrites and be equally responsible for the "natural cleansing" - the melting of the trillions of tons of ice on top of the Arctic and Antarctica, then flooding and drowning the people living in or near basins and valleys, the big river banks and coastal regions around the world, then boycott the fossil-based oil! When are you going to wake up and apply the lessons from the deadly and destructive climate changes, the typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes, rainstorms, mega floods and/or landslides? They are happening and they occurred recently in Asia - Australia, China, Philippines, Sri Lanka - in America, Brazil, Europe and numerous other countries.

Oil is an economic and political weapon

       Pollution and smog are not only the grave dangers in your daily life as a result of the combustion of the fossil-based fuels. Those in power, the authoritarians and dictators in, for or behind the Middle East, are using the Middle East oil - the black gold - to "blackmail" the rest of the industrialized and developing world. They control and manipulate your country's economics and those in other countries that are so dependent on the OPEC oil.


       Lee Iacocca, an automobile icon whose leadership spanned almost 60 years as former Chairman of the Board with Chrysler and as President with Ford Motors, said: "I've gone through nine Presidents of the United States and I can't get them in 25 words or less to tell me what our energy policy is. I know that we're at war because of oil, probably. Deep down, we don't want to talk about it. We're there for terrorism, right?

       "We've got to make democracy come alive in the Mideast. That's the oil capital of the world and we can't avoid it. In a democratic nation, a free-enterprise nation, we've put up with a cartel and accepted it, and now we're hooked on their oil," according to his interview in the GREEN CAR Journal, Special Edition Spring 2004.

       Boycott the oil which is imported from the countries that are directly or indirectly involved with the Middle East's wars. Exporting oil is their top source of incomes. They use some, if not most, of their incomes for defense or offense budget - to build and maintain their military forces and to financially support other groups and countries. They have contacts that lobby the House of Congress in the U.S.A. and most likely in other countries too. They spend their income from oil exports to import the conventional weapons from other countries, and to secretly produce the weapons of mass destruction to be used against Israel, the "Lost Tribes" and their Allies.

"Top Secret" reasons for the war in Iraq and the next Middle East wars

       If you really want to read "between the lines" and learn of the long-term reason for the war in Iraq, then read the revealing article Stargate War: An Exopolitical Perspective On The Preemptive War Against Iraq. "This study provides an exopolitical analysis of the policy dimensions of an historic extraterrestrial presence that is pertinent to Iraq and a US led preemptive attack. It will be argued that competing clandestine government organizations are struggling through proxy means to take control of ancient extraterrestrial (ET) technology that exists in Iraq, in order to prepare for an impending series of events corresponding to the 'prophesied return' of an advanced race of ETs."

       Another reason is the "Euro Effect". The short-term reason for toppling Saddam was and is the euro currency. "Although completely suppressed in the U.S. media, the answer to the Iraq enigma is simple yet shocking. The upcoming war in Iraq war is mostly about how the ruling class at Langley and the Bush oligarchy view hydrocarbons at the geo-strategic level, and the overarching macroeconomic threats to the U.S. dollar from the euro. The Real Reason for this upcoming war is this administration's goal of preventing further OPEC momentum towards the euro as an oil transaction currency standard. However, in order to pre-empt OPEC, they need to gain geo-strategic control of Iraq along with its 2nd largest proven oil reserves."

       Furthermore, another reason for the war in Iraq is historical: Abraham was the patriarch of the descendants of Israel - the name was changed from Jacob, the twin brother of seconds older Esau. Esau and Jacob were sons of Isaac, the second son of Abraham - the husband of Sarah. Ishmael was the first son of Abraham and Hagar - the maid of Sarah. Sarah was barren for many years and became impatient to have a child, so she asked her maid to sleep with Abraham. Ishmael was the ancestor of most of the Islamic states in the Middle East. Israel had 12 sons or tribes. The former Kingdom of Israel in the North was composed of 10 tribes - the so-called Lost Tribes - and the Kingdom of Judah in the South was composed of 2 tribes - commonly known as the Jewish people or Israelis in modern Israel and the Jewish communities or migrants in Russia, Europe, in North, Central and South America, and in Asia. Isaac's twin sons, Esau and Jacob, also had conflicts against each other. Esau was also called Edom. His descendants were called the Edomites.

       The descendants of Ishmael, Israel and Esau have been exercising their rights: "An eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth." They have been killing each other since Abraham's time. In other words it is a family feud! Their hatred for one another is in their genes and in their environment! Each side of Abraham's seeds claims to be the legitimate heir of the Promised Land - the land with more "blood and tears" than "milk and honey" and polluted, insufficient water to drink. To save them and the rests of the United Nations that are caught up in their crossfires, they need the ultimate mediator, the MESSIAH, the one and only solution to their 4,000 years of conflicts. However, Israel, the Islamic States and majority of the Earth's population have rejected the Messiah who first came here about 2,000 years ago. The Messiah, according to the Holy Bible, will intervene in the soon coming World War III - the Battle of Armageddon! Unfortunately, only around 10% of the world's population would survive. Most of the Global/World Companies, which millions of the people around the Earth are working for, will be forced out of business as a result of the Great Tribulation in addition to the Battle of Armageddon!

       It is time to stop patronizing the OPEC oil! "For more than half a century, the world has understood the problems related to air pollution and diminishing resources. During at least the last 20-30 years, alternatives to fossil fuels have been developed, but multinational corporations and their cohorts in government have failed to implement policies allowing for a smooth transition from obsolete technologies to modern methods for producing the energy that sustains the modern world . . . and now we [are] at war for oil." The fossil-based fuel is obsolete! It is over a 100-year-old fuel technology for the combustion engines or motors in transportation, equipment and other machines.

       The "OIL IS THE REASON" scenario in the Middle East is depleting or drying out, and there is a heavy fuel competition. The nations that have no fossil oil or have less oil reserves must start using the hydrogen fuel or must follow the example of Brazil. They must switch to the magnetic energy generators, electricity, hydrogen, ethanol, CNG, biodiesel, propane, etc. right now to prevent the OPEC and the "Antichrist" from "blackmailing" the oil-dependent nations in the very near future. The Antichrist will brainwash, dis-inform, influence and mislead the top leaders of this world and the United Nations to send their military forces to fight against Israel, the "Lost Tribes" and their Allies. They will use the weapons of mass destruction in the Battle of Armageddon.

       According to General Motors' Billion-Dollar Bet, "even if Bush's hydrogen-car initiative is a cynical ploy, even if the Big Three are hiding behind hydrogen promises to prolong the reign of the V-8 and oilmen secretly want to strangle the fuel cell in its cradle, simple geology is carrying us toward a post-gasoline future. Petroleum's days are numbered. GM executives themselves understand that. Some say the oil will last 20 more years and some say 50, but nobody says forever. 'The internal combustion engine is an incredibly efficient source of power, but we've wrung the towel,' Wagoner concedes... GM CEO Rick Wagoner is fond of calling the fuel cell car 'the Holy Grail,' which may be a truer assessment than he intends."


Solar cells & wind turbines at the Schneebergerhof
wind farm in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Free energy generator, electricity, hydrogen, ethanol, etc. are the enemies of the oil exporters, importers and dealers

       There are so many websites which you can learn how to build a magnetic generator. You can see so many YouTube videos and learn more on the magnetic energy generators. You might want to know how the energy is created when you actually build your own magnetic generator even as a hobby. Just remember the basic principle: "As the magnetic poles turn on the rotor past the coils embedded in the stator, the a.c. [alternating current] voltage in each coil alternates in polarity, positive and negative." The magnets turn within the generator which creates the energy through the simple law of magnetism: unlike poles attract; similar poles repel each other. You can learn in details about the magnetic energy from the research paper entitled "Magnetic Energy to heal the Planet".

       While a grade school pupil during the 1950s, one of the hobbies of this writer was how to produce electricity and to make electro-magnets. He spent so many hours reading about them and actually made few electromagnets generated from flashlight batteries; he used wires to coil around few big nails, and connected the two ends - positive and negative - of the coiled wire to the batteries in series. In addition, he used a motor from an old jeep windshield wiper, mounted it horizontally between two thin 2-inch nails, and placed a U-shaped permanent magnet over the armature. He got one of the permanent magnets from a hand-cranked generator of an antique telephone. Furthermore while a high school student, he used an old bicycle generator and attached it to a small under-shot wheel he made from small pieces of plywood. He then placed it under a water faucet (courtesy of the NAWASA in Maasin, Southern Leyte). He connected a flashlight bulb with the two small wires connected to the generator, which was attached to the under-shot wheel. The experiment in which he used the old bicyle light generator attached to the 12-inch diameter under-shot wheel was like this latest Youtube video on future energy. However, he did it as a hobby in 1960-61!

       Thus about 50 to 55 years ago, he knew that the magnetic properties were utilized by the magnetic energy generator which provided electrical power originally from the water faucet, and its water pressure plus the gravity, as the water fell over the plywood wheel. The energy was achieved by using the strength of the magnets on the inside of the generator. One advantage of such an energy source was that it provided clean output with no pollutant to the environment. He knew and understood during his hobbies from the 4th to 6th grade and freshman to sophomore high school that the method used to generate a consistent electric current based on the law of attraction and repulsion related to the properties of the magnets.


Malitbog Geothermal Power Plant is the worlds largest geothermal power plant
housed in one roof located in Barangay Tongonan, Kananga, Leyte.

       Why do the 100 million Filipinos tolerate themselves to be dependent and manipulated into buying, buying, and buying the OPEC oil and other fossil-based fuels for over 100 years? The Filipino citizens and foreign residents in the country have the option to switch to the geothermal-generated electricity and other renewable energies to power their alternative vehicles. Presently, the Philippines is the world's #2 producer of geothermal-generated electricity! The electric jeepneys are now running in Makati. The police officers, the military and postal service personnel, for example, should have utilized the electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and other electric and hybrid vehicles rather than the gasoline-feed motorcycles and diesel-feed vehicles to do their careers and jobs at short distances. The other departments or agencies of the government should have purchased the hybrid/electric bicycles and motorcycles, hybrid electric/hydrogen cars and vehicles, and the multi-fueled aircraft, rather than the obsolete gasoline and/or diesel-fueled means of transportation.

       There are now modern electric-driven vehicles of various types that are available for sale via the Internet. The leaders of the government, industries, companies, churches, institutions, and other organizations in the country must set the right example first by utilizing the renewable and super clean sources of energies. In some cities in California, there are police officers on patrol that have been using the electric bicycles for the past 20 years. There are hundreds and hundreds of city-owned hybrid electric/natural gas-powered buses which are running in Canada and the United States of America.

       Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, though it has been used as early as the 19th century. Japan's top 3 vehicle manufacturers, "Toyota, Honda and Nissan have united with Japanese energy firms in a push to commercialize greener hydrogen fuel cell cars and build a network of fueling stations. Along with 10 Japanese energy groups including natural gas refiners and distributors, the companies are aiming to build 100 filling stations by 2015 in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka." The internationally famous car manufacturers' Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs) are engineered to convert "hydrogen into electricity and emit nothing more harmful than water vapor." The establishment of the infrastructure network for the hydrogen supplies is vital as the famous vehicle manufacturers search to find solutions to reduce the cost of producing the hydrogen-powered vehicles to be profitable. Their target for the commercial distribution of the FCVs in Japan's 4 metropolitan cities is 2015. Toyota plans to launch a fuel-cell car by 2015. "It is applying its hybrid technology to the vehicles, swapping the petrol engine for a fuel-cell stack. Honda in 2008 began delivering about 200 FCX Clarity hydrogen-powered cars on lease to customers in the United States, Japan and later in Europe."

       The Americans, if they really and truly want to clean up their air pollutions and smog as in "O beautiful for spacious skies...", have the technology on clean fuel. They have the technology to mass produce and can afford to buy the hydrogen-fueled cars, trucks and other vehicles. No more showing off their conceipt clean cars in the auto shows at the convention centers nationwide. Right now they need to focus, to direct, to deploy and to commit the existing technology which they posses for decades. One example: Mr. Tai W. Robinson, President of Intergalactic Hydrogen based in Sandy, Utah, demonstrated by driving from the West to East Coast the very first multi-fueled vehicle in the U.S.A.! He did it using nothing but hydrogen. He modified his 1999 Toyota Tacoma to run either on hydrogen, CNG, ethanol or gasoline.

       Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, before he became the governor, signed autographs on the hood of Mr. Tai Robinson's hydrogen-powered pickup truck after unveiling his environmental policy in Carpenteria, California on September 21, 2003. Mr. Robinson was tapped to convert one of Gov. Schwarzenegger's Hummers to run on hydrogen.

       "Hydrogen is the most abundant element known to man, and the supply is virtually limitless. Hydrogen can be made from fresh or salt water by electrolysis, which uses electricity to split the water molecule into its elemental components of hydrogen and oxygen. Because hydrogen energy has long been considered the ultimate universal fuel source, it is no wonder scientists have been working on hydrogen energy cells for more than 150 years." Hydrogen fuel does not cause pollution! You can even drink the drops of water that come out of the exhaust pipe or muffler of a running hydrogen-fueled engine. When processed from heavy water, hydrogen is a renewable, unlimited supply which is available from the second deepest ocean in the world - the Philippine Trench. However, deuterium is very expensive to produce using today's technology.

       Ethanol is processed from coconuts, corn, sugar cane and other plants, which are abundant in the Philippines and so many other countries. For instance, this author while a college student at the Lyceum of the Philippines in Manila, he witnessed a Toyota Land Cruiser at the National Science Development Board exhibition, Taft Avenue corner Pedro Gil, in which its gasoline-fueled engine was modified to operate on alcohol or ethanol derived from the sugar cane. That was in 1968 or 1969! He also talked with Mr. Tai Robinson and took pictures of his multi-fueled pickup during the World Renewable Energy Congress VIII in Denver, Colorado. That was in 2004!

       Regarding the production of ethanol, around 1000 tons of sugar cane can yield between 75,000 and 95,000 liters of ethanol. Most of the Filipinos do not know that Brazil, for instance, launched its "Pro-Alcohol Program" in the early 1970s, during the world energy crisis to ease its dependency on foreign oil imports, while bolstering demand on the country's sugar market. Brazil is the world's largest user and exporter of ethanol as an automobile fuel. Over 15% of its cars run on 100% pure alcohol (E-100). Brazil's gasoline contains 22% ethanol (E-22), which is processed from its sugar cane production.

       A brief history on Ethanol: As printed in the  Introduction To Ethanol, "In ancient times ethanol was known as an intoxicating drink. In the United States, ethanol is produced mainly by the fermentation of corn. It is the same alcohol used in beverage alcohol but meets fuel grade standards. Ethanol that is to be used as a fuel is denatured by adding a small amount of gasoline to it. This makes it unfit for drinking.

       "During the late 1800's, ethanol was used for lamp fuel and sales exceeded 25 million gallons per year. At the request of large oil companies, the government placed a tax on ethanol during the Civil War. This tax almost destroyed the industry. In 1906 the tax was lifted and alcohol fuel did well until competition from oil companies greatly reduced its use. The first large scale use of ethanol as a fuel happened during the early 1900's when petroleum supplies in Europe were short. In America, Henry Ford's Model T and other early 1920's automobiles were originally designed to run on alcohol fuels. Hitler and the U.S. relied on ethanol to power their armies during World War II. After World War II, oil prices decreased which caused the use of ethanol to decrease. The limited use of ethanol continued until the oil crisis developed in the 1970's.

       "Increased use of ethanol as a fuel has developed since the late l970's. It was first used as a product extender because of gasoline shortages. In 1973, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) caused gasoline shortages by increasing prices and blocking shipments of crude oil to the United States. The OPEC action called attention to the fact that the United States was extremely dependent on foreign oil. The focus shifted once again to alternative fuels such as ethanol. At that time gasoline containing ethanol was called gasohol. Later, when gasoline was more plentiful, ethanol was introduced to increase the octane rating and the name gasohol was dropped in favor of names reflecting the increased octane. Unleaded plus or super unleaded are two examples of names used today.

       "Ethanol, when used as a gasoline component, improves combustion and reduces carbon monoxide emissions. Use of ethanol benefits the areas of the U.S. that are considered to exceed Environmental Protection Agency air quality standards during the winter months. Some studies have indicated that, used in a correctly formulated fuel, the use of ethanol can also reduce emissions which contribute to the formation of smog.

       "More recently, ethanol supporters have focused attention on other advantages. One of these advantages is ethanol's ability to provide octane while replacing other environmentally harmful components in gasoline. Other studies suggest that using ethanol can slow global warming. Ethanol reduces imports by replacing imported gasoline and crude oil. Reducing gasoline and crude oil imports reduces American dependence on foreign oil. According to a recent poll conducted by Research Strategy Management, 75% of American voters believe the country needs to do something to reduce its dependence on foreign oil." Both Henry Ford and Charles Kettering said that ethyl alcohol was "the fuel of the future."


Benguet Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte, Philippines

100 Million Filipinos, etc. can be free from the oil cartel's slavery

       About 100 million Filipinos are suffering today and the future from the high cost of almost everything due to their dependence on the imported OPEC oil, despite the oil wells off Palawan island and in Sulu Sea. It is long overdue for the Filipinos to switch to the magnetic energy generators, hydrogen, ethanol, biodiesel and other alternative, renewable, cleaner sources of energies. For example, the Filipino inventor and the world's pioneer of the water-powered car is still fighting after 40 years against the establishments that refused to support his invention. (To learn why the establishments refused to support his invention, please read the "Alternative, Renewable Fuels & Vehicles". While hydrogen is not yet in full production, the Filipino motorists can help elevate the poor Filipino farmers' low standards of living by patronizing Mr. Dingel's invention as well as the ethanol and biodiesel to run their vehicles.

       Majority of the Filipinos - 65% to 70% - work and live outside of Metro Manila and other big cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Most of them work in the agricultural sectors of production. They can plant more coconuts, corn, sugar cane, jathropa, etc. which can be processed for ethanol and biodiesel productions, far more cleaner than the imported OPEC oil. If they organize cooperatives all over the country to produce ethanol and biodiesel, and the other groups to convert or modify the existing vehicles to run on ethanol. They can compete with the OPEC oil importers, refiners and dealers. They can turn the OPEC-oil-based economy into their own backyard hydrogen, ethanol and biodiesel-based economy. They can do them through the assistance and nearly 40 years of ethanol experience from the Brazilian government. They can also seek consultation with some biodiesel industries which have decades of experiences in biodiesel development and production. In fact, during World War II and as a necessity, some Filipinos used the alcohol/ethanol and biodiesel to run their American-made cars and trucks!

       The consumers and stockholders in the Philippines and other countries have the opportunities to reap the rewards of investing in industries that are currently producing hydrogen, especially those that are going to venture into the exploration and mass production of heavy water from the Philippine Trench. For example: "At 12 million barrels per day capacity priced at US $7.00 per barrel, this is US $84 million per day or US $30.66 billion per year, enough to wipe out all existing foreign debts of the Government in one year, revenue-wise in Foreign Exchange. Public works, private construction, economic and financial booms are expected to happen in the Philippines in the same manner as those which happened in the Middle East and financial centers of the world from 1974 to 1984, with everybody earning their respective comfortable livelihood, while pricing basic prime necessities at reasonable and affordable levels. Deuterium and Hydrogen Fuel is the final and lasting hope of the Filipino People and the Government to be great again. This untapped source of energy supply will make the Philippines one of the richest countries of the world," according to the website Hydrogen Fuel & the People of the Philippines.

Energy law is necessary to change consumers' habits

       We have the decades of existing technology to compete with the high prices of gasoline, diesel and other fuels. It is now a Philippine law - Philippine Biofuels Act of 2006 - that the fuel refiners and producers must gradually increase the percentage of their fuel productions to the alternative, renewable, and cleaner fuels. We have our country's top expert and U.N. consultant on biodiesel development and production, Dr. Rico O. Cruz. Based in the U.S.A., Dr. Cruz and the EcoEnergy International consulted with the goverment officials, companies, institutions and groups in Australia, Azerbaijan, Belize, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cuba, Germany, Ghana, India, Paraguay, Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Uganda, United States, Vietnam ... in the development and production of biodiesel fuels.

       With the cooperation of the "people's power" from the Overseas Filipino Workers and the Filipinos who are citizens and residents in foreign countries, we could make our goal sooner than expected. The Overseas Filipino Workers and former Filipino citizens living in other countries have been remitting several billions in euros and U.S. dollars to their families and loved ones here in the Philippines. Their remittances are the "secrets" to our growing economy! We have the real "people's power" to counter-attack against the oil cartels, refiners, gas dealers and their stockholders; they have been making us slaves for the past decades to over a century as a result of their price controls or manipulations of the gasoline, diesel and other fossil-based fuels! Therefore, we would like to invite the Overseas Filipino Workers and the Filipino citizens and residents in foreign countries to invest and cooperate with us, the "bayanihan" spirit, in the alternative and renewable energy production including the necessary ferry, passenger hovercraft and other modern transportation.

       The Biofuels Law or R.A. 9367 is investor-friendly. "It provides tax incentives and financial assistance to encourage investments in biofuels. The tax incentives include a 0% specific tax on local or imported biofuel component per liter of fuel. Another is the exemption of the sale of raw material used in the production of biofuels from the Value Added Tax.... On the one hand, RA 9367 mandates that the Development Bank of the Philippines, Land Bank of the Philippines, Quedancor and other government financial institutions extend financing to those engaged in the production, storage, handling and transport of biofuel and biofuel feedstock, and the blending of biofuels with petroleum."

Do not vote for the politicians, do not patronize the groups, establishments, etc. that pollute the air & environment, & contribute to the climate changes

       To make the country great economically, Filipinos must vote for the politicians that have no connections whatsoever with industries and for-profit establishments which import the OPEC Oil, process or refine and market their products. Many of the politicians and government officials receive financial contributions, more so in any election year, from the oil refiners, marketers and dealers. The Filipinos must vote for the politicians who support the industrialists and other entrepreneurs that are engaged in the production and distribution of the magnetic energy generators, the clean hydrogen and other renewable fuels.

       Better still, Filipinos must vote or re-elect the politicians who own hydrogen-powered or electric cars and trucks, or at least the hybrid vehicles - ethanol/biodiesel/electric/CNG powered. About 99.99% of the Filipino politicians drive or own cars, trucks or SUVs that pollute the air and the environment! Instead of suffering from the pollution and high cost of living due to the expensive imported oil and selling their votes to the politicians, the Filipinos have the option to plant more coconuts, corn, and sugar cane and process them into alcohol or ethanol and sell it to compete with the OPEC oil. The Filipino people that are suffering physically and financially have the "people's power" not to vote for the politicians. The Filipinos have the option not to patronize the groups, institutions, organizations and other establishments that continue to use gasoline, diesel and other non-renewable fuels.


The Hutterites' Green Acres Farm is the largest solar system in Western
Canada which powers a recycling plant, farm operations and residences.

The so-called religious or church leaders, experts, followers & the environmentalist must act first

       The Philippine population is composed of 84% Catholics and 10% Protestants. Millions of them profess to be Christians including the politicians who want to be elected into positions of authority. They must now use the clean sources of energy and trade-in for or buy the alternative vehicles, if they can afford them. Unless their church leaders repent, the church and lay members should not hand over the tithes and offerings to the cardinals, bishops, priests, pastors, missionaries, bible study leaders, and others who pollute the air that we all breath. Do not send the tithes and offerings to spread the gospel of Elohim and Yahushua or Jesus to the religious leaders who continue to drive or ride in their gasoline/diesel-feed cars, SUVs, trucks and other vehicles. Do not financially support the TV and radio evangelists or patronize the famous "Christian" celebrities, actors, producers, singers, musicians, and the best-selling writers and publishers that continue to burn gasoline or diesel in their vehicles' engines. Many of them are anti-war, but they too are the polluters themselves! "Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin" (James 4:17).

       To the rest of the consumers including the activists, demonstrators and protesters around the world, boycott the OPEC oil! Trade-in your motorcycles, cars, jeeps, jeepneys, multi-cabs, SUVs, trucks or buses which use gasoline and/or diesel fuel. You can also modify your OPEC oil-fueled vehicles to run on hydrogen and other cleaner fuels. If not, you can now buy the latest alternative vehicles which are powered with the super clean fuel. There is no excuse whatsoever for the consumers - the motorists, particularly the politicians, environmentalists, Christians, and other religious people, that can afford to trade-in or buy the alternative vehicles not to avail of the magnetic energy generators, hydrogen fuel and other renewable sources of energies. Again, pollution causes cancer deaths!

Use the alternative energies = free from the oil cartels' slavery. Boycott the OPEC oil = end of the Middle East wars. The so-called Christians could stop the Armageddon/World War 3 if...!

       If we want to be really free from the imported oil's 100-year slavery, there is always a way. We have the inventor of 40-year old reactor/processor which separates the hydrogen from water to power the vehicles. We have our country's #1 expert and U.N. consultant on biodiesel fuel. Our 7107-island country is surrounded with sea waters. We can in the very near future tap the unlimited tidal power or undersea currents. For example: We could build the tidal power stations betweem Luzon and Mindoro, between Southern Luzon and Samar, between Samar and Leyte, between Southern Leyte and Panaon, between Dinagat and northern Surigao in Mindanao, between Panay and Guimaras, and between Cebu and Negros islands in the Philippines to generate electricity for the entire Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions! We have the existing wind-driven electric generators in Northern Luzon as well as the geothermal electric plants in Southern Luzon and Central Visayas. We have the tropical sunlight to charge the solar cells and the unlimited deuterium ... courtesy of our Heavenly Father and Savior - Christ or Yahshua! There is no need to resurrect the unfinished nuclear power reactor in Bataan which is not safe due to the usual earthquakes, typhoons, potential accidents and man-made attacks. The radioactive wastes from the nuclear reactor will still be toxic and deadly for the next several thousand years!


Tidal Electric power stations can be built near certain islands in the Philippines

       To stop the current and next wars in the Middle East and possibly the mother of all wars, the Battle of Armageddon, do your part. You terminate using the obsolete OPEC oil and replace it with the magnetic energy generators, geothermal and tidal power-generated electricity and hydrogen fuel. The magnetic energy generators, geothermal and tidal power-generated electricity and hydrogen fuel are deterrents against the powerful countries that are using their oil to manipulate and control the national economy and politics of other countries that are non-fossil oil producers and exporters. The renewable and super clean energies are also deterrents to prevent the oil exporting countries from depriving the rights to exist of and for pushing and drowning Israel, the roots of Orthodoxy and Western Christianity, into the Mediterranean Sea.

       In conclusion, do not wait for the chicken-and-egg situation. Demand creates its own supply. To stop the present and future wars in the Middle East, boycott the OPEC oil. To reduce drastically the number of dead victims including your very own family, relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and your fellow citizens on Earth from the air pollution, smog and climate changes, boycott the OPEC oil. Start using the magnetic energy generators, electricity and hydrogen fuel!

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